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President Lyrics

Young Casper President

Young Casper:I'm a president I'm a master
were only teens but look what we
mastered I'm running the country
cause I learn faster you ain't Getting
anywhere cause your a procrastinator Jay
is the vice president where the boyfriends
you want with benefits The white house is
our new residents but Asbury will always be
my first home

Chorus:Were presidents so intelligent and grateful
haterz stay hateful But I'll stay fateful

Jay:We are presidents with benefits,intelligent,
and swagger You suckas are lagers
We bad but not braggers The world is mine
so it's my time to shine (get in line)
We wanna be gonna be's actually right nows
Every town is mine now

Young Casper:Casper be the name running
the country is my game
I ain't allergic to the
fame Especially since everybody
knows my name I came,saw,and won
it I do this for the fun of it
I get paid for it cause I was
made for it


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