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Meeting Da Plug Lyrics

Album Name : CM2
Release Date : 2009-04-07
Song Duration : 2:04

Yo Gotti Meeting Da Plug

I was bumpin' that 50 Cent
Then popped in that trap or die
Just finished a blunt of kush
Oh boy now I'm really high
I was sipping that Rozay Malt
Bumpin' that Carter III
I just may be paranoid
Or somebody's following me
That's why I don't like to smoke
Why I don't like to drink
While listening to that gangsta shit
If I'm so pie a nigga think
I jumped in my???
Popped in my nigga plies
Stopped by Grandma house got the choppa'
Now bitches turned around
Onto North Memphis turnin corners
Trunk full of marijuanna
650 for a pound
Right now if a nigga want em
Went to ten-five percent
Ac blowin' out the vents??? Dawg I'm just tryna pay the rent
I stopped by the corner store
Bought me some sandwich bags
Box of that baking soda
Headed back to the lab
Just got the phone call
Plug say the made it in
Say they gone front me 20
If I can pay for 10
Tell them to drop the price
Pay for them all today
450 thou' sitting back on they way
(Money machine whirs and beeps)
(450. It's all there)
(Very good. I'll see you next time)
My credit score super good
A'int talkin' no equifax
I.R.S. on these niggas
They bout to get super taxed
We like the secret service
We only speak in codes
A whole notha' language homie
Some shit you will never know

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