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Flexin' Lyrics

Album Name : Definition of a Trap Nigga
Release Date : 2011-07-15
Song Duration : 3:39

Yo Gotti Flexin'



(Chorus)x2 Flexin flexin errday im flexin if flexin
was a crime they gone have to come arrest em
they ask me what im doing thats a good question let
you niggas know soon as i get don flexin

Flexin flexin all day im flexin if flexin was a crime
then somebody come arrest em
they ask me what im doing thats a good question let
u niggas know soon as i get done flexin

Young you stay killin em
bitch i gotta hit list on that murder 1 kush
bitch you gotta hit this
Jizzle in that 5, 9,9 you cant forget this
dont make me hop up out this pretty bitch and take a
foreign bitch with me yea she take a big dick
foreign m60 yea i take a big clip
we understand the top damn nigga where yo doors go?
bitch im on the move
what the f..ck i need some doors fo
shooters right behind me yea they in that escalade
you know how to find me
shooters in the escalade
killers on payroll
bitch you move my neck work
left the house with all my chains on
look like my neck hurt

Chorus x2

Im flexin..flexin
aint moving a muscle though
come through in some foreign shit

you checking it like customs hoe
American gangster chase them franks like russell crowe
Dem benjamin franks in case you lost or just dont know
I got my BET on thats my black watch
and all i do is win my pockets look like jackpots
check my calender it say im flexxin all summer
so your lucky day is when you get a call from us
we in and out them stores they think we the mall
i never change thats why i carry all hundreds
im doing me and yo bitch is who im next to do
other than that the schedule is flexible

Chorus x2

Im flexin....
looking like a million bucks
double story white house that bitch a million plus
look at my garage everything i ride a hundred up
if i aint the gangster of the year
then im the runner up
Flexin, Flexin
aston martin texan
9-11 porsche car triple doors that bitch sexy
straight cash shawty motherfuck a credit card
see me in the club..
looking like a fed charge
brick talk dopeboy shit making money fly
spotlight center of attention
i aint gotta try
presidential roley with the ice in it
closet full of gucci shoes cost more than your

Chorus x2

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