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Soul Everyday Featuring Ben Hameen Lyrics

Album Name : CreekWater
Release Date : 2005-06-23
Song Duration : 5:06

Yelawolf Soul Everyday Featuring Ben Hameen

Soul in the morning...

When I wake up I hit my knees and tell the lord that
I'm happy to be breathing
Cause I got lungs of steel, and how you feeling me today

Soul in the evening...

Walking in the streets, I hit my knees and I tell the lord that
I'm happy to be breathing
Buddy I'm real, no matter how you feel, that’s fine I got

Soul in the night time...

Sometimes I lay lines about ho's, because I know ho's
I've been froze with cold minds and big behinds
But I refrained, that's old Wayne, I been chose
Not to pose or act, or throw my jersey back
And rap with baggy hats, like you fags with do-rags
Who-the-fuck is you fooling?
Am I a hypocrite because I want some jewels and two twin-pipes under my Chevy box?
An Element on spokes with the heavy knock
I drop this beat
It took a while to realize who I could be
Chief Yelawolf keep it moving to the truth
Tell the youth, we got the purifying sound
The whole globe sewed up, Southside throw it up
This ain't no trend my friend, f..ck your pimp-cup
Spill it out with this eight-o-eight kick
While I chill with my chalice
Hypnotic on your suede and you need another outfit
I got that Wal-Mart brand
I stand soul-breathing
Speak full of heaters
Momma said you dirty boys got the go the world grieving
But we ain't responsible for guns, we just bleeding
Every bullet passing me by, whether it be words, bats or wise chi
Standing in the storm and yawning because I got

The right time, the right rhymes, that I find
Embedded in my head again
I give back to the earth
And when I'm gone, this track and every verse will live on
Eternally been turning page after page
Searching for words to convey the message
And keep blessing it every day
Won’t let it just slip away
I know the mind is a miracle and I feel I got plenty of shit to say
But I don’t live up on no pedestal
My head is still down to earth
You ain't gotta believe anything I'm telling you
Let it be known, I'm prone to light up a song
Write up a poem, right or wrong, provide you a tone
To last your life long, at last the mic's on
And a cool calm presence surrounds my life form
And I've sworn in my life, never to sacrifice, what I believe in
I was taught to tackle life, head first and network
Collect my efforts
Get ready to sweat, work, harder than ever
See, the art you envisioning
Starts with decisions and
Embark on a mission and
Never lose hope, and if you get hurt
Just put your soul on your sweatshirt
Put your best foot first, remember that the worst is behind you
In time, you find you a rhythm and in, life when you hear it, You can tell its true soul

This day this time, I ain't f..cking up, I ain't leaving my kid behind
I ain't tough enough for the devil
Without the shine from the
Son of the one who provide
Who died, who cried as a man, understand
Just to stand in the eyes of the God who created my hand
So that he can understand how we feel
When the seal of the truth got broke
All the hope was lost but he tossed me a key
A Cherokee, merrily doing my deeds, every day
Like needles of an Evergreen, I'm stationary
I'll be dead when the drive in my body drops
But I will fly on, from dirt in the pinecones the seed in the mud
The history of my soul shown
With the all mighty redwood oak
Give it ed’ on my folks on a boat that can float in

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