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On With The Show (Live) Lyrics

Album Name : French Attack!, Vol. 2
Release Date : 2009-07-20
Song Duration : 3:45

Y&t On With The Show (Live)

The lights go down
I take the stage
Living line by line
Know just what to say

But I never know what it's gonna be
A comedy, tragedy, a mystery

I'll play the fool
I'll play the king
Tonight, I'll play 'em all
There will be no curtain call

On with the show
On with life
On with the dream
I know I'll play it right
On with the show
On with life
If the world is a stage

Then all I've got to say
On with the show

The story's told
It draws you in
You're a star tonight
The show that never ends

You lost your line
Feel the spotlight dim
It's a long, dark fall
The drama just begins

Your star, it fades
The teardrops start to fall
This is the end
Another casting call begins

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