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City Lyrics

Album Name : French Attack!, Vol. 2
Release Date : 2009-07-20
Song Duration : 3:45

Y&t City

Nine months on the road
Don't know if it's night or day
A little gypsy blood
Sure seems to go a long way
Time's gettin' tough
So, I'm getting tougher
Just let the music rock these blues away

Caught up in a jet stream
Another day here and gone
Acetylene, gasoline, Jimmy Beam
Keeps us movin' on
Rockin' and rollin'
All my sweat and blood
Backstage floozies, all lookin' for love


Take me to the city
Back home where I belong
Back to the city
Rock me all night long
Take me to the city
Back home where I belong
Hot town, big city
Rockin' all night long

Knock, knock, knock
Knockin' on the devil's door
Get a little, give a lot
But you always gotta give more
One day you're in, then
Next day you're out
Livin' on the edge is what it's all about


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