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Unholy Shadows Lyrics

Album Name : The Awakening
Release Date : 2001-04-30
Song Duration : 4:53

Wytchfynde Unholy Shadows

I Can Feel A Power, Surging Through My Veins
A Multitude Of Voices Are Screaming In My Brain
They Got Me All Sliced Up With Their Mental Knives
Like A Lamb To The Slaughter I Fell For All Their Lies
Unholy Shadows, Unholy Shadows

I Gotta Get Out Of This Living Hell
I'm Fighting Off These Demon Voices In My Head
I Hear Their Laughter, They're Tearing At My Soul
Red Mist Descending They're Trying To Take Control
Unholy Shadows, Unholy Shadows

They're Talking In My Sleep
Conspiring, Conniving, Telling Me To Dream
A Pistol In My Hand
They're Pesistant, Can't Resist Them
Now's The Time To Kill

Only One Solution, Keeps Turning In My Mind
Get It Over Quickly, While I Have The Time
These Darken Shapes That Keep Appearing For My Eyes
Are They Just Shadows Or My Ego In Disguise?

Unholy Shadows, Unholy Shadows

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