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Long Horn Lyrics

Album Name : The Laughing Stalk
Release Date : 2012-09-11
Song Duration : 4:55

Woven Hand Long Horn
Long horn trigger happy gun shy
I hear the laughing stalk
Texas on the bottom
Montana on top
sure is pretty
I'm pretty sure
that leopard dog
can't change no spot

It is full on
what He has done
come on come on inner man
sing the song that He has sung
and of the firm foundation stand

You don't know me from Adam
down here in the lamplight
both of us are filthy...
yeah and that's just right
seven times round the city
of the moon
chicken battle dance under
thunderhead's loom

It's in full swing
what He has done
come on come on inner man
your bell is rung to be the witness son
of how the firm foundation stands

By a living spirit holy spirit given
this a crown
then unto His holy feet forgiven
we lay them down

in the tall corn now
in the tall corn now

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