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Goodnight Lyrics

Album Name : Northern Expozure, Vol. 6
Release Date : 2005-01-01
Song Duration : 4:22

Woodie Goodnight

Dead bodies ain't new to me, I could give a f..ck who you be
If I'm threatened I'm steppin' lettin' my weapon be the root of me
I aim to do to you before what you aim to do to me
At thirty I damn near got street warfare tactics down to a T
It's true the Yoc influenced me, I grew up gone off booze and weed
Cocked and stocked walkin' thru the streets,
Now demonz got me losin' sleep
Oh well, hello hell, I'll ride 'til killed in this life
Deep down inside feel I'm gonna die with no children or wife
Only my stripes and my memories of loved ones that remember me
And the day that death renders me is a blessin' for my enemies
Before I'm on bended knees, I'll bend corners and let it squeeze
God no disrespect intended but vengeance is a necessity
While homiez dead rest in peace I roam lonely infested streets
With a vest and heat 'til destiny catches up with me and gets the best of me
Few next to me but best believe when it's time to lock and load we ride
No desperate plead will set you free when caught between four.45's

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