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Heirloom Lyrics

Witness Uk Heirloom

I have seen a place somewhere in my furthest memory
it's got mountains, it's got islands
set in lakes like jewels in silver
it's got visions rising up off it's shores
like nothing, nothing that i've seen before
and there are caves that echo every worthy sound that enters
buzzing through my mind
if i had a sign i would know which way i'm pointing
i guess this way, i guess that way
and i plough the dirt with my finger
if you get wound up, tied down, laughed at and scorned
like nothing, nothing that you've known before
and you can still remember every knife that twisted further
you know you're still alive
everybody's got a burden that they could do with sharing
we've got problems, solutions,
cracked into ridges and valleys
we need focus, money, love and good times
if you haven't got any you can use some of mine
because i've got enough for both of us
and i could do with sharing
so spirit me away from everywhere

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