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Breeding Murder Lyrics

Within Y Breeding Murder

The answer echoes out through eternity
And nothing, no nothing could ever stand alone
A dead cold, a man who believed he was a man of virtue
With loss of vice and perspectives
Sweet relief of bloodshed
Seeking chaos that keeps you down
You're a follower in a forgotten path
Cause for anything, but control
Cause for nothing, a senseless breath
Crash through me and burn my soul
Set it ablaze
Eyes wide open to see myself
Lose again
The answer echoes out forever
So withdrawn and lost we're seeking
But what's there to find?
All covered up
All dreams painted black
So many shades to reflect our betrays
Lies only lies
We're broken and shattered
Disillusional f..cked up reasons
Nailed to the cross
You still pled your innocence
Breeding senseless murder

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