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Persephone Lyrics

Album Name : The Best of Wishbone Ash
Release Date : 1997-07-01
Song Duration : 7:00

Wishbone Ash Persephone

There's a light that shines on persephone,
Always a fire in her eyes,
And the last time that I went to her
I could tell things weren't right.

I just don't care to see your years go wasting,
There's no longer magic in your eyes.

In your time, you could outshine everybody else around,
But your off-stage ways might be a bore -

You take a bow, you take a fall.
I came to be here in the footlights,
To live with you through every song,
And your face displays a peaceful field.
I can't believe the curtain has to fall.

Now I know your years were never wasted,
Tonight I saw the magic in your eyes.

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