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Back To The Ocean Lyrics

Album Name : Everything You Know
Release Date : 2011-07-19
Song Duration : 1:45

Wisdom In Chains Back To The Ocean

I look around as I stand in line
I see so many people from years gone by
But no one speaks we just smile and nod
And look at the floor with our hands in our pockets
As I fidget and play with my tie
Don't look them in the eye and you might not cry
So much love is unusual
But why's it gotta be at a funeral

This once for the Aces
They pulled me out of my darkest places
They showed me kindness and showed me love
And I never said thank you the way I should've
And now my little brother passed on
I had a lot to say but I waited too long
So I'll try to reach him with a song
Dear Mitchell, We all miss you
Thank you for the good times
And the laughter through the hard times too
I wanted to protect you since you were a kid
Just like Jonas, Dave and Vigs
But now I know it don't work like that
We gotta be honest with the time we got
I'll close my eyes and think of those who've gone
And sing it loud so they feel this song

Woah Our brothers coming home
Make sure you welcome him back to the ocean where we all belong
To much better things, a side of life we've never known
Woah Our brothers coming home
So make a place for him and wait for him right there with open arms
And tell him that I said THANK YOU

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