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A Bargain At 3 And 20 Yeah! Lyrics

Album Name : The First Letter
Release Date : 2013-08-01
Song Duration : 2:55

Wire A Bargain At 3 And 20 Yeah!
Attempts to fly are welcome
They attract a crowd willing to pay for a miracle
If you're homeless I know a roof you can jump off
You've got a cat and I've got a dog that climbs trees

Inevitable's too late
Yes is a bargain! No's a turn off!
You either live or your Edam
You either stretch or you get stiff

Enjoy, enjoy
Enjoy the joyride!

You're either

Deterministic, anti-ballistic, not too drastic, unrealistic
Operatic, automatic, quite grammatic, seldom static
Intellectual, not ineffectual, fairly eventful, sometimes pitiful
Over critical, unpredictable, semi-stable, hardly able, unavailable


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