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Dark Paradise Lyrics

Album Name : Girth
Release Date : 2005-10-18
Song Duration : 3:22

Winter's Bane Dark Paradise

Five minutes and counting
I've just began to thirst
Anxiety crashing through me
Adrenaline burst
I hear the sound of thunder
A deafening mad roar
Apocalyptic chaos
I hear the sounds of war

I grab my Ax- six string attack

Hurried into the frenzy
Commanding tactfully
Bashing heads around me
A violent ecstasy
A means to crush the torment
To lash out of control
Banging skulls, swinging fists
Fighting to overthrow

I grab my ax-six string attack

A cry goes out for freedom
A man steps in- a hero
He takes the pain away-fulfilling lives today
A savior from the alternative

Dark paradise

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