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Christ Reign Lyrics

Album Name : In Carbon Mysticism
Release Date : 2011-04-26
Song Duration : 5:03

Winterus Christ Reign

Dark incantation, black figure... what have you come for?
You are not human, from below... what have I done to set
you free?

I'll guide you through this mortal land.
Come so I can show you the way, my dark one.

Greater than all.

Every prophecy fulfilled.

Marching on, pillage the innocent and give them all what
they deserve.
We will desecrate and spread our disease, will bring to
life true pain and suffering.
I want to see you bleed... I want to see you bleed.

Breathe, enter oblivion. I feel the past erode away.

Now every heathen is burned to dust and their fables
remain the same.
The turmoil that they create is laid to rest beside their

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