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Ending Lyrics

Album Name : Arntor
Release Date : 1999-10-20
Song Duration : 3:38

Windir Ending

My name is Terje Bakken,
Helga is my mother
and Erll, he is my brother.
We live in a place
that none would believe
that anyone Could live.
The place is called
Uren, Luren, Himmelturen.
Steinr°ys, Steinr°ys, starving to death!

And winter is not good for us.
With frost, winds and snow.
And then it can often go over 14 days
Without seeing people

And the place is called
Uren, Luren, Himmelturen,
Steinr°ys, Steinr°ys, Starving to death!

Steinr°ys:pile of rocks formed at the bottom of a

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