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Skillzone Lyrics

Wiley Skillzone

I get the flow FARDA
Since old school I expect the money days
All a nigga stubborn and go ate
If you don't double the hussle you don't k
I repped it from day
Yours on the road this day to Bombay
Niggas I'm a darling cut so gray
And the flow should be in Guantanamo Bay
When I spray
Oh my flow's kinda bad
Fuck a millionaire that was gonna be a billionaire
I swear let's come prepared
If you think they coming from there then funds are there
Double eble couch when the air and double dare
Tap and don't care
I will leave your bumble bad
Give your girl my number
Tell her I will leave her there
Keep next week I'll be in the underwear
Keep your number there

Yo, it's me
Eating all the MC's
Somebody toss me a napkin
I'm a captain
What can't you see
Give me the BOI
But your girlfriend went
Wet, wet, wet
Like a new molly
Ice T, peach
Come to our new screech
When I end up with a new like meek
Still grew up on hotel one day
I'm a lab test, gonna run free

Them boy can't level with me
Then I can't level with me now
Try to see me how
Step in the square
Circle show no tones
Punched at them hooks and you never went around
I been with arcs anybody out
You never go on like you never been around
Plus they took a tour when I walk it
Fucks on flas I'm never around
I want the breeze like you never seen none
That's why you never seen me no
Like you spending the whole summer in your house
Free saying with the speak, I'm ready with the sound
Don't believe one word you say
You talk about like they never been enough
I mean the iRich no irish
Ye I got singles, but on the couch

Firing, under the wagon
East gets hotter if it keeps on styling
If another Mc66 sees the best in front
Then I tell him Mc don't laggin
Plus when I come from blade I lookin it like I'm willing
All these one MC's one is on wheel
I fall right through tryin to chill into it I'm not
You're the one getting stoned
Nigga my head f..cked
Mc's getting and I'm spending all over
I'm west still sappin away for a year
I been away for a year
But lying upper lips sayin I paid my dues
Enough said, there ain't a page on my checkbook left
There's ain't a page on my checkbook left

I came to get paid
So if you ain't family or don't involve money
Then don't come to me
I'm on a road to riches come follow me
MOB be the policy
Think I'm joking? ask Wiley
It's never been a joke to hold in a big spliff boy
But I know when you were this strict
You would end up bust statistic
If it is this on my headcase
Told you from first sight
Don't get caught on the wrong side of my
Put out the word it's Big Shizz
I ain't tweeting you online
I'ma keep you on sight
And of course I'm high
And I burn trees like a forest fire
You might find good trees bonzai
From time it took to one time
You're asleep for a long time

My my my my missed up a few laughs
From way back man I been grime
Every cool or everything's fine
‘Cause the boon on 'cause the consider out
I'm a boon now she's an enemy fine
Never a couple of keep directs
But I swore long time I spin directs
Seen more mistakes been Wiley since 8
Everyone's of my family is ache
Ever seen our time is bake
You wait for a thing my wait
Louie shit weeds but I part from Dave
But I buy from long
But I don't care if you big and dunk
But I don't care if you big
And you got it big and you lay when I have it soft

I hit it now in the head with a satchet
Hit a man over in the head with a cake
I make straight for your legs I'ma hit
Cat he scratch he did I'm a edge
Tried to say everything at once
And you gonna got me feeling astray for the head
Stop drum roll style, hot shop flow style
I might just bring that back from the dead
Slug, you getting so up
Oh my days did you hear what he said?
I can't believe that you actually said that
Gonna end up in jail or dead
I'm not, I'm not
And I ain't saying that I actually are
You wanna dis me and my fam
So I'm going off listening to off

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