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Can I Have A Taxi Please? Lyrics

Wiley Can I Have A Taxi Please?

'Ello can i have a taxi please mate
Whats your address mate?
Im at 247 montague garden
Where you going mate?
Im going down to Stratford, you know down there by the one way system by er the centa'
Ok mate Ok
Had a proper result today, bit of money came through early
Later on gotta pick up me bird
Shes at her mate Shirleys
bought classic Levis, polo shirt, polo jacket to match
my Bird said the polo works
all the birds are on me
I always tell 'em
you can have a milky bar on me
How you doin Darling?
Everything sweet?
Shes a little cool
End of the week
Yo fam, you aint got no taxis here tho
Ok what is your address?
ye ye mans at ras 25 10 road Startford
Ok ill be there as soon as I can, as soon as I can .
Ye what i got movements poppin
and there aint no one

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