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Nasty Lady Lyrics

Whodini Nasty Lady

Who's that knocking at my door?

Excuse me? Excuse me?
Can I tell you a story?
About this lady I once met
In an underground discotheque
You see I only knew this lady for one night
But what she did will stay with me for the rest of my life
No matter what I do it stays on my mind
It sticks with me time after time
So if you ever want someone who's gonna drive you crazy
I think you better try to find the nasty lady

You see it took a lot to please her
So when she told me I was good, you know what? I believed her
You nasty, lady, nasty!
So any of y'all that see the nasty lady before I do
Do me a favor, I want you to give her this for me

Nasty lady!
Nasty lady!
Nasty lady!
Nasty lady!
Nasty lady!

How many of y'all out there know nasty ladies?
If y'all know a nasty lady, let me see you put your hands in the air, make some noise
My god, all of y'all know nasty ladies
Hey baby, you in the red, you kinda remind of the nasty lady (ha ha ha)
With your bad self!
You right there
You with that red on
You kinda remind of the nasty lady
Your man?
What your man got to do with this?

Nasty lady!
Nasty lady!
Nasty lady!

Just listen to the nasty lady
Talk to us nasty lady, talk to us


What won't you do woman?


Music to your ears, huh?

Tell me what I wanna hear?
Tell me what I wanna hear!

Nasty lady
Nasty lady

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