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In Poison Sleep Lyrics

Whispering Forest In Poison Sleep
Dream forest, I have come to thee.
Insane I seek to be.
Poison toads follow me around
As I stalk your fruitful ground.

Ravens plucked out my lover's eyes.
Now I yearn for your bittersweet lies.
Despair has made me blind
And I need some peace of mind.

Mandrake and devilbane,
I seek to be insane.
Hemlock and henbane,
Wrong blood runs in my veins.
Thorn apple and deadly nightshade,
With you I bless my blade.
Fly agaric and marsh tea,
Give me madness, make me free.

Swamp spirits, enter me,
Forever help me flee.
I choose insanity
Instead of misery.

My love, you've not died in vain.
Beyond death we'll meet again.
In poison sleep I dream of you.
This sword will lead me through.

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