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Falling Lyrics

Album Name : When Karma Was King
Release Date : 2012-12-20
Song Duration : 3:38

When Karma Was King Falling

Here we go again
My clumsy tough, your awkward stance
Pacing back and forth
Iím not sure what Iím gonna do next
I see you here with him
You told me youíd stayed home again
I could stay and cause a scene or I could just leave
But either way this is the end

Youíre standing right in front of me
But I canít see you at all
Youíre pushing me away
A little further everyday
But when I hear you call
The right and the wrong donít matter at all
Cause Iím falling

The pattern will repeat
We go round in circles
Makes me crazy
I tell myself itís the last thing that I need
But then you look at me
Here we go again

Song Meanings for Falling

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