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Lone Wolf Lyrics

What Up Mang Lone Wolf


[Verse 1]
Going to outer space
Gonna go tonight
Gonna drive my spaceship around the moon to make to make the Mayans feel alright
Cause I'm outta sight
And I'm outta mind
You're gonna see so much of me I swear it's bound to make you blind

[Chorus ]
Cause I'm a lone wolf
And I've got your baby
Like an animal on the street
Your baby's mine, so sweet to eat

[Verse 2]
Better flip the coin
Buckle up for flight
Your luck is bound to run out now when the fireflies turn on the lights
Went for a walk
To Corona Heights
Could see the sun from up there even though the moon was the only light

[Chorus ]

Wearing all white like she's the purest thang
Some people say that her life is like a living dream
She's having trouble making eyes through those dark bangs
But when I walk into the club everyone says "What Up Mang?!"

[Chorus ]


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