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No Title Lyrics

Wem No Title

Faithful to the green, call me Doc Rivers
Got the heat on me so you know I stop shivers
Broke bitches, might get that frostbite
Hand full of f..cking money and I spend it all night
I'm choosing money over females and I let them other dudes decide
The chain on my neck will make em go and suicide
It's do or die, imma do me like the spell is dry
On top of the building, that makes me extra high
I'm eating over here you other dudes is fasting
Thing haven't been the same since I f..cked Kim Kardashian (really)
I lied, that sounded pretty cool
Give me about a year bet that shit will come true
I already f..ck models cause it's only a profession
When I f..ck I f..ck good so there's never any questions
Oh, look at me now take a look at you
Okay now tell me who is jealous of who bitch

Yeah just keep it rolling
I tell em

Music was my one nightstand but now we've just eloped
And it's the reason that Wem will never go broke
Leather jacket on, neck full of diamonds
You can't walk in like I can so I guess the lines here
Thick dark Brazilian chick, we speak the same language
But I be talking money so them hoes don't understand it
And her ass thick, and her hair too
I've seen how you living, it isn't fair dude
But, I'm the reason yall admire
I'm a different kinda rapper and they want my Oscar Myers
And by they I mean girls, and by girls I mean yo bitch
You living tryna scratch out a life just like a bad itch
When the money's there the ride is easy I should know it
Them girls be on that clarinet, they love to blow it
They said that I was whack but now they on my ball sack
They wanna be a part of fame I tell them bitches fall back

Just keep me punched in... yeah
I'm really feeling the simplicity of this... it's me
Just let me catch the beat again
What up Jai B

Green bottom raiders hat I rock it to the left side
Let them worry bout theirs while I go get mine
I give you more than counting paper and f..cking dimes
I give you music motivation get you on a grind
Drop a four in it, it got me feeling higher
Rappers stealing flows like people steal lighters
My condo in Brazil is one floor of the building
With a private elevator you don't know the feeling
Money comes and goes it's a 360 cycle
I am in love with trees so let me climb em like Michael
Do you climb trees? Well the answer is of course not
And I can barely see maybe cuz I am on top
Drugs be beating me up they know that I am punching back
I hope the quantity and quality don't lead me to a heart attack
Dudes copy swag and they copy how I'm talking
And if I go broke you can put me in a coffin

I just really like cyphers
My name is not important
This is, The Unexpected
It don't need no title, it's a mixtape

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