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My Baby Keeps Me Sane Sometimes Lyrics

Waterdeep My Baby Keeps Me Sane Sometimes

Well, you know my baby keeps me sane sometimes
She's like the ringing of the church bell chimes
Well, you know she keeps me sane
When the pouring rain is coming down
Sometimes my spirit's changed
when she wipes away my frown

She'll say now, "You remembered every little thing except
some cornerstones of like as we know it," and oh...
I'll just bow my head and say I know, and pray to the
Lord above
"Good Lord, You know I hope I don't blow it"

Sometimes time kicks along my suburban road
and I get to thinking about the mercies that I feel I
have owed, and oh...
She'll say, "Come on now, honey, sometimes a gift is just
a gift and God's just there
And maybe that's a cross, baby, that we all get to bear,
all get to share"

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