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Hunting The Tender Heart Lyrics

Waterdeep Hunting The Tender Heart

He threw down his pride
cause it didn't serve his ego
They say he took the pain out of his chest
cause he couldn't feel it anymore

He was really lonely
and he needed to be believed.
He had no one he could cry with,
and he needed to be received.

Bitterness is the enemy he ignores is hunting him
Forgivness is an ocean he's forgetting how to swim
The jackal stalks the coastline seeking someone to devour
One who's almost given up when the bell tolls midnight hour

He's grown to hate to feel so vulnerable.
He's started spurning feeling pain
But somehow he is starving
for the fall of honest rain.

he's made a shell around his mouth
he can't drink through anymore
So he curses water-dwellers
while he's standing on the shore,
wishing he could go in.

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