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Big Word Tyranny Lyrics

Waterdeep Big Word Tyranny

Well, there's electro-therapeutic means
to alter synaptic firings
which will symptomatically relieve
schizophrenic arms and leg
But that's just esoteric doublespeak
and it's getting pretty tiring
What you're realy endorsing here is just another
form of cerebral scrambled eggs

It's all evolutionarily synchronized
or synergistically realized
Copulation is genetically mandated
And altruism only held by the mutated

Praise to You, Big Daddy
You hide good things from smarty pants
Only play peek-a-boo with little babies

Now you say faith is semi-atavistically inherent
That is, that what I believe is somehow rooted in
my great great great grandparent
And this tangled skein of evolution in which
survival's the only solution
makes marginal my intestinal response
It equates the largest spirit battle with delusionary
and grounds its arguments in scientific taunts

[the verse there are no words for]

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