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Bedroom Bully Lyrics

Album Name : U Know How We Roll
Release Date : 2003-08-04
Song Duration : 3:42

Ward 21 Bedroom Bully

Vs 1 -Suku
First off all mek mi tell yuh this
when it come to zoom zoom mi a specialist
tell a gal come sidung pon top a this
dem nuh see seh man a zoom zoom analyst
zoom zoom bring mi come it haffi bring mi back
naah stop ram the pussy till the belly drop
a coulda bandi-leg, straight foot or knee knock
pum pum inna draws or under frock (Black Pearl, tell

Vs 2 -Suku
We ago show dem what we made of
we nuh buk up pon nuh gal a weh we fraid of
we have a bag a Keke high grade of-
-ganja, inna we pocket full a papers
dem shoulda know this brown boy naago nurse dem
front way we a ride naah reverse dem
some gal a tell mi seh dem waa mi quench dem thirst then
so me and Black Pearl gang up and go work dem ( C.J.,

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