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Heat Night Lyrics

Album Name : The Best of the Waitresses
Release Date : 1990-10-23
Song Duration : 3:47

Waitresses Heat Night

Stop! Damn! Reverse the wires
Switch the ground!
Something's crazy here
We're twisted around...
What got into us anyway'?
Who threw the rules away?
Who tore the boundaries down?

Suddenly I - shy girl
is seamless smooth
Laugh with the she-bitch
at this grand cartoon
Everything's inside out
And turned around
Bite that bad Bourbon down
What spirits healed these wounds up?

Heat Night, make it a heat night
Heat Night, height of the rut
Heat Night, heat lightning, no cut

Pure rabid mutiny
The enemy is...

I rule this thunderhouse of rouge and ruin
Are all my sister's secret fevermoons
(She thinks) We'll make it easy
for them tonight...
We'll make it easy tonight
What planet rules these tides?

Riding a longshot night
In overdrive
Novels flashing, advertising eyes.
Got nothing to say after the juke box stops?

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