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The Shame Lyrics

Album Name : Vue
Release Date : 2000-02-22
Song Duration : 3:19

Vue The Shame

Hey, make me laugh. As we wander through. . .past a
passenger. Cheat the night with a cynical lies.
They watch you, watch you. Electrical they pray. Waiting
for that day.
Good evening mentions on the last day of living, oh.
Hey, it's a holiday. The sifts(?) are playing in the
street. And my fingers in your muscle wall and you look
at me, you're looking at me.
That's right. Falling down with you. That's right,
falling down with you.

Love before, fingers flirting with pictures of you.
Morning rolls, mirror pulls with the bad habits of the
younger years.
Watch you, watch you. Lock you in your room. Waiting on a
train. The first congregation of Wall Street woman.
That's right, falling down with you (x4).

I told you how the first I'd heard. The second night was
worse than the first.
And we screw our faces up in the day. Mercy, kiss the
shame away.
Hey mercy, kiss the shame away (x5). That's right,
falling down with you (x4)

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