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Bookstore Lyrics

Vita Bergen Bookstore

Outside the windows
A star is coming loose
Who says it's fiction
I can't hide
When I see the border
The horizon's on the rise
White lights on black water
My world comes in waves

I know
I want to live later
But I have to live now

Hope is forgetting
I'm reminding myself
My footsteps are drumming
For a silent parade
Let the guards of the gift shops
Infiltrate masquerades
I'm balancing presents
In my empty hands

At least
I'm keeping my promise
At least I will try

I'm back in the bookstore
Redecorating the walls
Using newspaper headlines
Finding truth in the rumors I've bought
On sell-out street corners
Imaginations go to war
The eye and the arrow
We've seen it before

This time
If I ever get through

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