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Undercover Lyrics

Album Name : Communism Is Fascism
Release Date : 2005-05-20
Song Duration : 4:44

Virus Undercover

You tell us what you think, but is that just your opinion?
we see the way you act when your with the others.
is this a new improvement, or something we looked over?
you get erased when you fit in.
Just fit... <i>[x9]


So in the pack you're running, why not just stand alone.
And let them all just see you. Before your cover's blown...
what's the point?.... You
Just fit... <i>[x9]


You tried your life to please them, but now you're on your own.
They didn't like the real you, so there you are... you're on your own......
you're on your own - goodbye.


Who cares what people think? You don't have to prove them wrong.
I may live my life in anger, but I won't live in fear, no.

Don't Fit... <i>[x9]

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