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Jealousy Lyrics

Virginelle Jealousy

*Call me today, Call me tonight,
Monday, Tuesday, Every time you can try
Give me your love, and that would be nice
Now I'm waiting just for you...

**Every day and every night I think of you,
I just wanna make my dreams come true
Like a star in the sky,
Shining love in the night...
Oh baby don't you know what I mean?

***Jealousy, Jealousy,
Do you wanna be free?
You better relight your fire!
Jealousy, Can you see,
Wanna stay close to me?
You know when I'm here I'm happy with you!
Jealousy, Jealousy,
Now you better believe,
You wanted to take me higher!
Jealousy, Can you see,
All my chance to believe?
Be sure that you give me all that I need to enjoy...

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