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Words Can't Describe (fuck Racism) Lyrics

Album Name : Stand Trial
Release Date : 2010-12-20
Song Duration : 2:52

Violent Affair Words Can't Describe (fuck Racism)

F..ck racism
Hang the KKK
Another noose around their necks
They've got hell to pay
F..ck racism
and their Nazi ways
Take them from the gallows
and to a shallow grave

These f..cking racist lies
Surround us every day
But I'll never compromise
How I feel or what I say
So many years have past
Will it ever fade away?
Racism unsurpassed
How could they live this way?

There's no such thing as a master race
There is such thing as ignorance and hate.

Who really f..cking cares about the color of your skin
Why can't we f..cking share the world we live in.
I'm really sick and tired of people who think your way
Putting down others based on nationality.

Words can't describe
The hatred that's inside
For your f..cked up ways
And your racist lies

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