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Logan Way Lyrics

Album Name : Memories Fade
Release Date : 2006-02-07
Song Duration : 6:09

Victory At Sea Logan Way

Just one more cigarettebefore I go to bed.
You said you'd never leave,
you were lying through your teeth.
And guess what?
I appreciate it.
Just one more cigarette
before you go to bed.
I say I'll never leave,
I am lying through my teeth.
And guess what?
You appreciate it.
The story goes,
we walked down Logan Way.
The trees had caught

the fallen rain.
You shook the branches on me.
I couldn't understand
how you could make it rain.
Just a few more lines to sing.
I wish you'd tell me what to think.
We both said we'd never leave,
we were lying through our teeth.
And guess what?
We appreciate it.
A man of cloth
told me you're dead.
He looked at me,
he would not shake my hand.
He says that you're in heaven,
but he would not shake my hand.

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