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Four Leaf Clover Lyrics

Album Name : All Your Things Are Gone
Release Date : 2006-02-21
Song Duration : 5:08

Victory At Sea Four Leaf Clover

woke up in the morning i drove from lawrence to omahagot
there kinda early and still i checked out the local bar
cause bear to go is all new to me
i would have sent you but you're only 19
i'm walking around in someone elses shoes
i guess it's nothing new
i flew around like a butterfly
walking for miles usually isn't my cup of tea
iswear to god i could walk these miles between you and me

i'm under a fire ball
and there's a cool, cool breeze
nothing but a moving yellow line between you and me
i flew around like a butterfly
i found a four leaf clover hidden in someone elses hand
i should have let it be
left it to the land
but it's cold out side
i don't have a phone i can't find my clothes
but it's alright. here alone

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