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Faster Than Boys Lyrics

Album Name : Victorious 3.0 - Even More Music from the Hit TV Show (feat. Victoria Justice) -
Release Date : 2012-11-06
Song Duration : 3:14

Victorious Faster Than Boys

can i have a map im gettin lost in your eyes thats the first thing you said i when i looked up yeah it was no suprise, so much haratige that was applyed to your head. im a V.I.P thats what you told me but i only see a visitors pass heres a tip for free scense you dont know me even thought you dident ask
(cause im movin faster faster faster faster than boys
your baseically a disaster saster you leave me no choise. no choise you leave me no no no na na na no yeah you you got to go faster faster faster faster than boys faster than boys)
i donthave the time to be waiting around for someone with a fake I.D seariously you need to get out of town, this pictures just alittle creepy i love holo notes you like spagetti-o's something tells me we dont fit heres a tip for free sence you dont know me, i think your gonna catch on quik (repete chours)
its not me its you why you gotta look so sad i cant lie its true your pick up line was just that bad so get on with it cause im just a wast of time. penny for my thoughts when i shoiuld have charged a dime! oh (repete chours)

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