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Shine On Lyrics

Album Name : He Knows My Heart
Release Date : 1997-09-01
Song Duration : 4:06

Vicki Yohe Shine On

Shine on
Children of the light
Shine on
We're gonna help the night
Someone is depending on you
So shine on
And let his love flow through

We have a treasure inside of us
Sealed tight
But yet you see it so bright
So bright
Yes we do
I know sometimes
We can feel cast down
That's when we run
To higher ground

There's a fire burning
In my heart
I feel the power of God's love
That moves the dark
Now when it comes
To push and shove
His grace will be
More than enough

The darker the night
The brighter we will shine
We are the light-house
On a hill
So shine on

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