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Never Give Up Lyrics

Album Name : I Give You Me
Release Date : 1995-09-01
Song Duration : 4:02

Vicki Yohe Never Give Up

Started out like a runaway train
Unmoved by the driving rain
Had a fire burning deep within
Never looking back to where you've been
Then your walls came crashing down
You found yourself on shaky ground

Oh never give up
Never give in to the night
When you're feelin defeated
Oh you're not alone
The war rages on but I know
He'll be there when you need him
Hold on
It's never over with him

This life we live is full of pleasure and pain
Some people crumble underneath the strain
Looking for something that will satisfy
This hunger that we have inside
We need someone to ease the pain
Why don't you call on Jesus Name

Well I want to testify
Lord I'm flying high with you
Oh tomorrow might bring rain
But my heart remains the same
Never giving up

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