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I Love The Way Lyrics

Album Name : He Knows My Heart
Release Date : 1997-09-01
Song Duration : 4:42

Vicki Yohe I Love The Way

You made me a promise
I'm holding on for sure
It's signed and sealed by your word
You're never gonna leave me
In a dark and lonely world
Where silence still yearns to be heard
When I need a friend
To calm the storm within
I hear you speak the words to be still
When I need a shoulder
To rest my weary load
I lean upon the rock of my soul

I love the way you love me
I love the way you love me

I'll never know the reason
Why you care the way you do
I'm perfectly convinced and that's enough
I'm standing in amazement
While I'm running on the faith
Reaching for the prize that's above
Now what a happy day
When we look upon your face
Shining brighter that the sun
No more lonely days only happiness
When I hear you say ,well done,

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