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Oceanic Tendencies Lyrics

Album Name : Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace
Release Date : 2012-07-17
Song Duration : 1:43

Verse Oceanic Tendencies

She's urging us to connect and flow like the water of the
We build dams and reroute the rivers in our circles
to adapt to the rapids in us all.
We make a sudden switch in current to adjust to the
The wind is weathering and our waters turning.
The cold salt drenched mist washes over
like a hammer to the face and a calming embrace.

"The mind is your vessel being battered
with the threat of uncertainty looming underneath and in
the heavens.
The weight of an ocean will crash over you.
You will sink before you swim."
We're grasping for air,
Reaching for a life of fertile land and a warming sun.

We sink.
We swim.
We steal.
We give.

She watches over us,
unafraid of letting some walk on the ocean floor.

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