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The One You Left Behind Lyrics

Album Name : Children of Our Mistakes
Release Date : 2008-06-03
Song Duration : 2:47

Vayden The One You Left Behind

They run in circles trying to escape,The deadly teachings
of our latter days,
I've seen this one to many times,
A living legends lies,
Do you recognize my face?
I'm the one you left behind!
I can see it in your eyes!
You know who I am!
Am I everything you hate?
The very worst part of your life!

I'm every choice you tried to hide!
When you couldn't stand.
Oh no not me sir,
Must be some mistake,
Some one just like me,
Maybe the same name,
For humor I let him go on,
I've never been known to be wrong...
There's no one left to save you,
No one left to pray to now!
(Chorus out)

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