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Can't Change It Lyrics

Vanessa Petruo Can't Change It

could you give me a picture I could remember
when sorrow's sitting here on my chest
and please send me your melodie
when it's cold and silent in my head

could you light up my darkness, oho
when I'm not able to heal myself and
could you give me a warm embrace, oh
I feel a heavy weight on my back, oh

I can´t smile
I can´t sleep
I can´t breath
I can't change it
I can't see
I don't believe
I can't say a word
it's killing me
and I can't change it

could you open up an other door to a better place
and maybe live there on my side
and could you hold my hand
just for a little while
if I'm not strong enough to walk alone
walk alone tonight

could you move away this stone from my chest send away
the darkness
oh, could you move away this stone, oh, send away the
emptiness fill my world with melodie, love is all I
need, can't change it light up my life

can't change it no
sing it for me...

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