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Close To Comfort Lyrics

Album Name : We Are the Captivated
Release Date : 2006-09-20
Song Duration : 4:05

Van Atta High Close To Comfort

With just the sunlight in my eyes, it'll take some time
to realize.

When I walk I run. When I fly I fall. Paranoid yet calm
and collected, teeming with thought. While I sleep I
wait, wait a year for you. I know you'll be right back.

You know, it's best if we could hold our heads up high.
We might be ultimated, maybe it's antiquated, but for now
just play your role.

You can see from far away: I know you well, you know me
too. If this lasts long it might fall through, beneath
the floor that we've tried oh so hard to keep intact.

Listen close the rattling of my bones: you can hear it
from a mile.
From broken minds come broken homes. Backing down, never
my style.

Don't cut, keep rolling.

Lights, camera, action - I've fallen for you

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