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Running In Circles Lyrics

Album Name : Until the End - EP
Release Date : 2007-11-07
Song Duration : 2:10

Until The End Running In Circles

pry open your eyes, take a look around
is this what you dreamed of
where you hope to rot (your life away)
clock into your death
days and weeks all blur together
everyday the same routine
repetition slaps me in the face
you've locked me out of life
ask me to die with a smile
how can i take pride?
while my placement sits on file
sell your soul for a life of debt
there's more to life than dying (wasting away)
life is short when you die for, someone else
this is my life, its the one thing they can't take
ambition robbed for your profit
ambition robbed for your pocket
selling myself short - no more!
it's time to make a change - today!
and you expect me to smile
with a knife stuck in my back
i won't let you bleed me dry
life is more than numbers on a check.

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