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Our First American Friends Lyrics

Album Name : Our First American Friends
Release Date : 2009-10-12
Song Duration : 3:33

Tubelord Our First American Friends

Take your head out of my hands
Rise with sunbeams behind the bad dreams
Haystack bench to crash inbetween
Fantom silouete beside you and me
Fireworks map across the side of her cheek
I'll dive, navigate and swim looking deep for a key

Watch posseiden rage
Anchors lock in place
Suck it in 2 years
Time regurgatates
Plunging through milk foam
Watch the world dilate
Slice the moon in 4
Bets are on your stake
Geometric bliss
Give me Samson sight
Take a blindfold chance
I'll run back delight
Merlin give me strength
Just this once I swear
Where's the wizards bones
Maura stuns the glow

Filthy medals of the men
10,000 shine
Shoot the stars and spare the lines
Our comets fly
Grab a grave and calcualte
Project the flights
Constellations in the sky
Will dance tonight

I'll hide with you
Where to? the tracks tell the truth
Berlin will do trainsets
It's leaving us soon
No more platform goodbyes
For us to do
This time i'll climb onboard
and travel with you

Sleep it's over (x8)

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