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One And Only Lyrics

Tru-Fam One And Only

(Hook) I didn’t trust a woman u showed me
Baby girl u my one and only
Only shawty that would come through and chill
Wit me when I was sitting lonely
Don’t pay attention the other girls phony
I remember every word that you told me
Especially when u hit me up three am and say come and hold me.

(Verse) You never gave up ma you was eager
And I always adored your demeanor
Like a model your walk so meaner
Trust you whatever you say I believe u.
I do whatever to get you alone
Anything you want I condone
Don’t matter if crumbs are blown
Girls slow like dey in a zone
And baby you not star struck
Not a gold digger and that’s hard luck
That’s why I got you a brand new Lamborghini
Toast on red wine and chow on ziti
Make love by the deck
Lace your body with begets on your neck
I’m so glad you showed me and told me
Love is real and you’re my 1 and only

(Verse) See
Usually I have doubts but I’m so sure
Your beauty and your brains can’t ignore
Even without lotion skin so pure
Like a Honda we on one accord
Independent won’t even take from me
But thankfully
Acting out playfully
Handling business gracefully
Ya body couldn’t be in a better shape to be
Antsy in da game u said I had to give it time
Needed a whip u like I’ll give you mine
Not talking sneakers when I said me and you gonna make
it to the finish line
U my frame without u can’t picture yo
Like j.t my love unconditional

Yes I switched the flow
As soon as I settle down baby girl ima let you know

(Bridge) Talk to me talk to me ma
Talk to me talk to me ma
Talk to me talk to me ma
Talk to me talk to me ma

* 2 times

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