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Last Breath (feat. Leuca) Lyrics

Trossthegiant Last Breath (feat. Leuca)

Hi Tanner, it's Doctor *beep* calling
I was just calling to talk to you about some of your lab results that I have back
Will try to call you back before I leave if I don't hear from you in the next few minutes

Hey, now I'm already feeling some type
Of way, that I can't be home
And now my life looked
Doctor told me to eat the drugs
So mamma believed it, though
Just bringin' the baby back
Brushin' my shoulder off
It's just some pain and a rash
They're shoving, needles and tubes up in me
I'm black and bluer than Kenny
Them bastards, but they ain't kill me
Them sweats, ain't feelin' chilly
Leukemia, feeling silly
Tried to tell my girl, it's cool to leave
And I meant that sincerely
But she stuck around and we in it
Lil' dude lookin' like somethin' wit' a divine finish
Yeah, I'ma divine witness
That the hundreds of signs from God and my fly mistress
I don't need my spinach
I just need five minutes in my room with a mic
Hold the Holy Water, chill out tho', I'm losin' the fight
Taught myself to bounce back
Straight bruisin' these mics
And funny thing 'bout these fights
I'm never losing 'em twice, T

[Chorus: Leuca]
You could drag me through the mud
I got my demons on my shoulders, demons on my shoulders
You could take all that you want, from me
I'll still stand, I'm the man of the hour
Grip tight, head loose, I got the power in me, I got the power in me (Yeah, yeah)
If this is my last breath
I hope that you can take it and you hold it in your hands
And if these are the last words that I say
I pray you love me anyway, yeah
I pray you love me anyway
I pray you love me anyway

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