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Spread My Wings Lyrics

Album Name : Attitude
Release Date : 1989-10-20
Song Duration : 5:08

Troop Spread My Wings

Verse I

I've imagined faces of many lovers
To ease the pain of having no one
In My Life..
And i'm tried of being undercover...
It's time to Navigate my feelings tonight...

The sky is calm
The stars are bright.
What's better than to be in flight..
I'll relax my mind
And be at ease....
and let this journey
Set me free
Set me free..


I'll Spread my wings
And fly away...(away)
To a place.. that I long for.
And my heart will be...the pathway..
I'm searching for a love
That 's ever more...

verse II

I've oftened wondered how'd i managed..
Always seraching, but, not finding a true heart..
What does it take to find me a lover..
I'm hoping that I dont' have to fly..
to far...


Cause the sky is calm
The stars are bright..
And what's better than
to be in flight..
I'll relax my mind and be at ease.
and let this journey set me free
Set me free....

(Repeat Chorus)
(ad-lib till fade)

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