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A Vision Showing Nothing Lyrics

Trigger The Bloodshed A Vision Showing Nothing

Eternally following dicatation from those who are great
Captivating the minds of sacrificial possibilities
Paying homage with their blood and their rise of equivalence
Money is made from anything marketed as happiness

Conceived into a nation of profitable fools
Who find bliss in obsession with the non essential
The media perverts the sights of the child with its vivid images
Until it succumbs to this cycle of consumerism
Until it sees a vision showing nothing
But the artificial image set before it in its fabricated life

An age of poison into thinking they are less than who they are
A complexion carried to the grave
The impressionable child the forever dreams to be
The unrivaled epitome of perfection

The manufactured image by which others aspire
Becomes a calculated implement of sale
Deeper the idolatry spreads of neurosis in an age of youth and pride
Sensativity to every judgement made

Beauty was once in the eye of the beholder
But in these modern times you are not raised to be yourself
You are raised to be the same as everybody else
Both in mind and appearance you are made to template
Imposed on to fill its design with perfect likeness
Regardless of the sacrifices made
Whilst struggling to fit the mold formulated
And to fulfil every order given
In the quest to become the resemblancy
Of the present exalted icon

The critical way in which the child analyzes itself
Saddens it and destroys its self esteem
And as hatred for its physical form is formed
By the constant examination
A rift between soul and body materializes
And all individualty is erased

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